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Town of Garfield Plan Commission Meeting
Sep 08, 2011

Town of Garfield Plan Commission Meeting

Public Hearing

Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm

In attendance: Orval Johnson, Chairman; Marilyn Buckingham, Member; Barry Eklund, Member; Darrell

Emerson , Member; Mark Kopp , Member; George Stroebel, Member; Natalie Trudeau, Member

Also in attendance: Ed Gullickson, Town Chair; Angela Popenhagen, PE from Stevens Engineering; Carl Hetfeld,

Surveyor (for Brandon Olson)

Public Hearing to Amend Zoning Ordinance: No public present/no comments. Motion to approve the

amendment to the Zoning Ordinance concerning accessory buildings and forward to the Town Board

(Eklund/Buckingham) Carried unanimously

Review Application for Minor Subdivision for Brandon Olson: He plans to divide 3.04 acres from the farm land

for a future building lot. In section 6 on North Bear Lake Drive. Motion to approve application for minor

subdivision for Brandon Olson as presented (Eklund/Emerson) Carried unanimously

Review Wind Energy Licensing System Application Fees: Discussion. More information is requested from Angela

or Nolan for review in order to determine an appropriate Application Fee.

Note from Town Chairman: Potential water testing benchmark study to be conducted in the Town. The purpose

is to get updated test results on the quality of water in the Town. This would be strictly voluntary and could

potentially be covered by grant money. Gullickson also thanked the Plan Commission for their hard work on the

Wind Licensing Ordinance. The time has come to take a break from ordinance work for a while.

Comprehensive Plan Implementation: Review of updates to the Town Brochure. Orval will discuss Town’s Park

Plan with Parks Committee Chair. Orval will check with the County about available information regarding land

conservation options for educational brochure. Table the update of demographic information with 2010 Census

data for the time being. Discussed scheduling an annual meeting with Parks Committee and Plan Commission.

Minutes read and approved (Buckingham/Emerson)

Meeting adjourned 8:28pm

Next Plan Commission Meeting October 13th.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Trudeau, Secretary

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