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Town of Garfield Plan Commission Special Meeting
May 19, 2011

Town of Garfield Plan Commission Special Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm.

In attendance: Orval Johnson, Chairman; Marilyn Buckingham, Member; Barry Eklund, Member; Mark Kopp,

Member; Natalie Trudeau, Member; Cliff Manwiller, Town Zoning Administrator

Absent: Darrell Emerson, Member; George Stroebel, member

Residents present: Gene and Lisa Gunderson, Pete Manship, Gary and Joan Gifford, Todd Fulton, John Archibald

Also in attendance: Nolan Wall, Planner from Stevens Engineers; Scott Ward, Vice President from Stevens


Review information provided by Town Zoning Administrator concerning the building permit issued to Todd

Fulton to build a pole building: Comment by Mr. Manwiller: there is one deficiency in issuing this permit: there

is no dwelling on the property. There are two options here to meet the Zoning Ordinance requirements: 1)

construct a dwelling on the property; 2) add a dwelling within the proposed structure. In either instance the

following County requirements must be met: 1) A sanitary system is required. This system can be a) chemical

toilet; b) composting toilet; c) out house – open pit or sealed. 2) The Town does not have the authority to deny a

system approved by the County. 3) A fire number is issued when the sanitary system is approved. 4) A dwelling

does not require running water, electricity, heat, or interior finish. 5) Minimum dwelling size per the Zoning

Ordinance is 676 square feet.

Discussion on specifics of the Uniform Dwelling Code; Discussion on Covenant

Petition to Clarify Garfield Zoning Ordinance was presented to the Plan Commission (12 signatures from the

Melissa Jones Development located at 179th Street and 90th Avenue, Garfield)

Motion to revoke the permit, due to the fact that there is no dwelling on the property as required (Kopp/Eklund)

Motion carried unanimously

Next Plan Commission meeting June 9 at 7pm

Meeting adjourned 7:50pm

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Trudeau, Secretary

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