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Board of Review Meeting
Jun 04, 2015

Garfield Board of Review Hearing                                   

June 4, 2015


Present:         Chairman:                             Ed Gullickson

                        Supervisor:                            Don Mork

                        Supervisor:                            George Stroebel

                        Clerk:                                      Sue Knutson

                        Bowmar Appraisal:              Greg LaFond



Meeting called to orderby Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 5:00 pm.


Motion made by Stroebel to nominate Gullickson as Chairman.  Seconded by Mork.  Carried-unanimously.


Motion made by Stroebel to nominate Mork as Vice Chairman.  Seconded by Gullickson.  Carried-unanimously.


There were no inquiries or attendies that showed up for the Board of Review.


2015 Assessment Roll:  Motion made by ­­­Gullickson/Mork to accept the 2015 Assessment Roll.  Carried-unanimously.


Approval of Board Minutes:  Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to approve the June 4, 2015 Board of Review minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  


Adjourn of June 4, 2015, Board of Review:  Motion made by Mork/Gullickson to adjourn Board of Review on June 4, 2014, at 7:00 pm.  Carried-unanimously.


Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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