This page is your source for information on the Comprehensive Planning for the Town of Garfield. As the process proceeds, information will be posted here. Draft sections of the Comprehensive Plan will also be posted so that you may read those drafts and provide comments to aid in the planning.

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board via Ordinance 2008-5 on November 25, 2008. View the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Planning Process Begins - The Town of Garfield Plan Commission had a “kick-off” meeting on April 12, 2007 to give town residents the opportunity to learn more about the comprehensive planning process and to provide input about growth and other land use-related issues. View the press release.

For more information about the Comprehensive Planning process or the Plan Commission call the Commission Chair, Orval Johnson (715) 483-3406.

A Comprehensive Plan is mandated under Wisconsin s. 66.1001. A description of Comprehensive Planning can be found here.

The public is encouraged to participate and provide input to the Comprehensive Plan. The Public Participation Plan can be found here.

A draft of the Mission Statement is found here.

As part of the planning process a questionnaire was mailed to all residents and land owners of the Town of Garfield. The Survey Results are here.