1. How can I get more involved with the Town of Garfield?

There are many opportunities for you to become involved in the community:

  • Ask to be placed on a list to become a member of the Planning Committee or Park Committee. Applications are considered as positions open up for these two and three year terms.

  • Another very important area where volunteers are always needed is the Fire Department and First Responders. They respond to emergencies in the community and give medical assistance.

  • In addition to volunteering, residents are encouraged to attend the Town Board meetings.

  • For more information contact the Town Clerk.

  • You can make a difference in you community!

2. Does the county have a web site?

Polk County has a web site at http://www.polkcountywi.gov

3. What's the phone number of my utility company?

Diggers’ Hotline: (800) 242-8511

Xcel Energy: (800) 895-4999

Polk-Burnett: (800) 421-0283

4. Who provides trash collection services?

Waterman Sanitation: (715) 268-6471

Waste Management: (800) 782-7347

5. Do I need a license for my dog or cat?

Dogs over 5 months of age must be licensed. This allows the officials to notify you immediately if your pet is found. Cats are not licensed. The fee is $5.00 for spayed or neutered dogs; $10.00 for all others. Click here for more information. To obtain a dog tag application, please contact the the Town Treasurer, JoAnn Erickson, at (715) 268-2753 (Home).

6. How do I register to vote?

If you have not already done so, please fill out a Voter Registration Form available online at myvote.wi.gov or from the Town Clerk.

The form takes about five minutes to fill out. You need to fill this form out in person and have a valid driver's license or ID. If you need assistance or need more information, just call the Town Clerk (Town Hall 715-268-4857 or Home 715-268-4414) to find out.

7. How do I request an absentee ballot?

You must register in order to get a absentee ballot or to vote at the town hall.

If you have not registered as a voter in Garfield Town, see "How do I register to vote?".

If you need an absentee ballot, go to myvote.wi.gov Instructions for completing the "Application for Absentee Ballot" are provided online.

Town of Garfield
690 Minneapolis St. Amery, WI 54001.

Reminder: only signed original forms can be honored.

8. How do I get a building permit?

Contact the Town Clerk, Sue Knutson, at (715) 268-4414 to make an appointment to complete an application for a building permit or to have an application mailed to you.

9. When may I drop off recyclables at the Town Hall?

Recyclables may be dropped off at the Town Hall in Wanderoos (see map) on scheduled dates twice during each month. The calendar may be viewed on our Announcements page.

10. What is a Town as in Town of Garfield?

Many new residents have asked “what is a town” in the State of Wisconsin. A “Town” is a form of local government. A “township” is a geographic surveyor’s unit measuring six by six miles square. Many towns, but far from all, have roughly the dimensions of a township.This article may explain this Wisconsin form of government. – Ed Gullickson, Town Chairman