Election Information

Absentee ballots can be returned by mail, dropped off into the locked mailbox across the street from the Town Hall, delivered in person on election day, OR mailed via the USPS. 

Election Forms

Application for Absentee Ballot: GAB-121

Voter Registration Application: GAB-131

Voter Public Access

You can look up your Voter Registration, view a sample ballot for an upcoming election, look up your Polling place, Voting Districts and current Office holders at MyVote.wi

Public Information

Statewide Voter Registration requires all electors to be registered before voting, beginning in 2006.  Qualified Electors may register to vote in the Clerk's office during regular office hours.  Registrations will also be taken on election day.  Persons wishing to register to vote must provide proof of residence. A valid Wisconsin Driver's license with a current address is the easiest form to use for this requirement. If this is not available, contact the Clerk for other options.


Winners indicated by a *

Chairman:  Ed Gullickson* 346 votes

                  Lon VonGemert  158 votes

Supervisor:  Dave Nelson*  246 votes

                    George Stroebel * 262 votes

                    Jason Kjeseth  218 votes

Clerk: Sue Knutson * 491 votes

Treasurer: JoAnn Erickson * 481 votes