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Comprehensive Planning Mission Statement

The Town of Garfield is a progressive community which endeavors to provide the quality of life enjoyed by past and present generations while ensuring its position for the future by...

  • Effective use of public resources and good stewardship of funds
  • Providing quality transportation facilities
  • Offering infrastructure and public safety services needed to sustain growth
  • Supporting small business development...where local, 'home grown' businesses add to the economy and character
  • Preserving natural resources and hunting lands to enhance the natural beauty of the area.
  • Promoting farming as a way of life through protection of 'best' farm land
  • Managing residential growth
  • Encouraging commercial and light industrial growth
  • Identifying design standards for public facilities and other development
  • Establishing recreation areas for parks, trails, and open spaces
  • Protecting water resources
  • Creating a sense of community

...working together to control its own destiny, proactively planning for growth and preserving along with enhancing its rural character.