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In 2004, the town board applied for a $5000.00 grant for the Garfield Town Park. The grant was approved with the Town of Garfield matching the funds in dollars or in kind (meaning volunteer work, etc.). The money was to be spent toward a new parking area. A lot has happened since then to necessitate the forming of a committee. Not only will we receive the grant monies, but we are also going to receive $350.00 per lot on all sub-divisions. This sub-division money can only be spent on our parks. Approximately 20 – 30 thousand dollars will be received in the next 12 – 16 months. We are very excited about restoring the park back to its original condition or better to serve the people of the area.

The Park Committee meets as needed and meeting notices will be posted here.

Below is a copy of the resolution that was passed to establish the committee:

  • The purpose of the committee will be to advise the Garfield town board on all matters concerning parks located in the Town.
  • The Park Committee shall consist of 5 residents of the Town of Garfield.
  • The Park Committee shall establish a working relationship with the Comprehensive Planning Committee.
  • Committee members shall be appointed by the Garfield town board.

Some of the functions of the committee shall be to:

  • Work with outside consultants
  • Help in the design and layout of parks
  • Long range planning
  • Allocate where park funds are to be spent
  • Write grant applications
  • Work with contractors
  • Set guidelines for the use of the parks
  • Any other functions deemed necessary involving parks

The committee must follow Wisconsin State Statutes concerning the following items:

  • Proper meeting notices
  • Election of officers
  • Open meeting laws
  • Record of minutes must be kept
  • Meetings must be run by proper parliamentary procedure
  • Have an agenda for each meeting
  • Establish a length of term for committee members

Motion Passed on March 21, 2005

Ed Gullickson, Chairman