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Town Board Minutes
May 09, 2023
PDF Version: 58177_2023-May-09_Town Board Minutes.pdf

 Garfield Town Board Meeting


May 9, 2023


Present:           Chairman:       Ed Gullickson 

                        Supervisor:      Dave Nelson

                        Supervisor:      George Stroebel

                        Clerk:              Sue Knutson

                        Treasurer:       JoAnn Erickson


Residents/Citizens:     2


Meeting called to orderby Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 7:00 pm.


Public Comments:  None.


Road Construction Update – Lone Pine and Walleye Court and Sunrise Beach:  Scott Ward, B32 Engineering, gave an update on the drainage at Lone Pine and Walleye Court and Sunrise Beach boat landing.


Planning Committee Update:  Nelson gave an update to the Board.  Patrick Forsythe is requesting a variance for a structure closer to the property line than what is allowed.  Board told Planning Committee to have owner have his property surveyed and then come back to the Planning Committee.


Issue Concerning 112th Avenue Mobile Home:  Property owner called about the trailer.  Owner stated she does not have the title to the trailer and that the owner of the trailer dropped the trailer off on her property.  Property owner needs to send a letter to the owner of trailer to remove the trailer as per the Town Board ordinance.


Wisconsin Election Commission Request:  The WI Election Commission sent information regarding the election bribery matter from the April 4 election requesting more information.


Finance Approval for New Truck at Mid-West One:  Board stated the interest rate is lower at Mid-West One at 4.8%.  Motion made and seconded to finance the new truck at Mid-West One Bank in Osceola in the amount of $301,650.  Carried-unanimously. 


Other Business That May Come Before the Board:  Request from Theresa Juneau to extend the music cutoff time.  Board stated that they could not approve at this meeting due to it not being on the agenda.


Clerk’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed. 


Approval of Vouchers:  Submitted, signed and approved.  Motion made and seconded to approve submitted vouchers.  Carried-unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.


Approval of Monthly Board Minutes:  Motion made and seconded to approve the May 9, 2023, Board minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  


Adjourn:  Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting, 7:30 pm.  Carried-unanimously.

Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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