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Town Board Minutes
Jan 11, 2022

Garfield Town Board Meeting

January 11, 2022


Present:         Chairman:     Ed Gullickson          

                        Supervisor:    Don Mork

                        Supervisor:    George Stroebel

                        Clerk:              Sue Knutson

                        Treasurer:      JoAnn Erickson




Meeting called to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 7:00 pm.


Public Comments:  Liz Sieben stated her concerns about the noise ordinance, like snowmobiles warming up, etc. and asked that the decibel limit be raised to 90.  Sieben stated that the 10pm was acceptable and wondered about the enforcement of ordinance.  Sieben questioned about weddings and special events.  Sieben wonders about permits and if only certain people will be issued permits.


Nicki Cook, manager of The Mix Up, wanted to go on record stated that she called all the board members and that they have not returned any of her calls in regard to operator licenses except one call that was answered rudely and that it is making her job difficult.


Diane Anderson, sound engineer for bands on tour, spoke against the proposed noise ordinance and stated she wants to know how the decibel levels are going to be enforced.  Anderson wanted to know who to call if there is an issue. 


Sue Olson stated that she had concerns about the level of music and stated that when The Mix Up first came in to inquire about bands and the level and that the minutes state that the bands would be small bands playing for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon.  Olson stated that the trees were planted but not what was specified.  Olson stated that the bands are now four times a week and are loud and can’t enjoy their time outside their own home, with the last two summers ruined.


Brian Stugelmeyer stated that he has not seen the noise ordinance and was concerned about how it will affect their business. 


Judith Freise asked about the decibel level on boats.


Road Construction Update:  120th Avenue tree clearing is almost done.


Review of Truck Utility Box:  Mark Knutson submitted information on the truck box.  Knutson stated that it is the same box that we have now.  Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the purchase of the new box for the new truck.  Carried-unanimously.


Final Review of Noise Ordinance:  Gullickson stated that the noise ordinance was submitted to the Town Board from the Planning Committee.  Gullickson would like to add occasional celebrations for holidays, weddings, graduations, reunions, or similar events in which a permit was issued under Section 3f.  Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to approve the ordinance for a public hearing.  Carried-unanimously.


Setting Date for Public Hearing on Noise Ordinance:Public hearing date set for February 23, 2022, at 7:00 pm.  Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the public hearing date for February 23, 2022, at 7:00 pm.  Carried-unanimously.


Planning Committee Update:   Dave Nelson discussed the PUD ordinance with the Board.


Other Business That May Come Before the Board:


Clerk’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed. 


Approval of Vouchers:  Submitted, signed and approved.  Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve submitted vouchers.  Carried-unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.


Approval of Monthly Board Minutes:  Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to approve the January 11, 2022, Board minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  


Adjourn:  Motion made by Mork/Stroebel to adjourn meeting, 8:20 pm.  Carried-unanimously.


Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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