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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Apr 08, 2014

Garfield Town Board Meeting                                           

April 8, 2014

Present:         Chairman:     Ed Gullickson

                        Supervisor:    George Stroebel

                        Supervisor:    Donald Mork

                        Treasurer:      Valerie Anderson

                        Clerk:              Sue Knutson


Meeting called to orderby Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 8:02 pm.

Public Comments:  None.

Road Maintenance:  Patching will be started soon.  Repairs needed to be done to the excavator.  Dozer is okay for now.  Gullickson stated he has a call in to Monarch for an estimate on Lone Pine Lane hill and Waterside’s parking lot.  Waterside and the owner of the hill will be assessed to pay the Town back.

Town will be receiving a grant for approximately $16,000 which will be used for gravel on reconstruction of roads.

Mork stated that there is a beaver dam on 180ththat is getting bigger and needs to be removed.

Motion made by Mork/Stroebel to pay Mark Knutson 80 hours of compensation time that has been accumulated for the winter.  Carried-unanimously.

Building Permit Applications for Winter Destroyed Buildings:  Gullickson stated that the State has no requirements on inspections for ag/storage buildings.

Gullickson stated that if an owner is rebuilding an ag/storage building of the same size that collapsed due to weather conditions then the owner needs to obtain a building permit from the Town for $100 with no inspection costs consistant with the Town ordinances.

Park – Announcement of Gift:  The Turek Family Trust has donated approximately $23,000 towards the park.  Dave Nelson suggested that the Town should use monies for the split rail fence on the new parking, a sign, flag poles and a dedication plaque.  Gullickson suggested that Nelson get a hold of Bob and Lisa Turek-Shay for a photo op and come to the May meeting and present them with the options that the Park Committee has in mind to use the monies.

Set Board of Review Date:  Thursday, June 5, 2014, is the scheduled the Open Book from 3p-5p and the Board of Review from 5p-7p.

Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve Thursday, June 5, 2014 for the Board of Review.  Carried-unanimously.

Planning for Proposed Turn around on Lone Pine Court:  Gullickson stated that John Beckon stated that the turn-around in on his deed.  Mark Knutson and Scott Ward stated that they looked at County maps and it was not on them.  Ward will check with Polk County Surveyor to look further into the matter.  If it’s not surveyed then the Town needs to obtain an easement proposal.  Knutson stated that Lone Pine Lane also needs a turn-around at the end by Monett’s.  Knutson will attend the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday night. 

Clerk’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.  

Approval of Vouchers:  Submitted, signed and approved.  Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve submitted vouchers.  Carried-unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.

Approval of Board Minutes:  Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the April 8, 2014, Board minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  

Adjourn:  Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to adjourn meeting, 9:08 pm.  Carried-unanimously.

Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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