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Garfield Town Board Meeting
Feb 14, 2012

Garfield Town Board Meeting                                           

February 14, 2012


Present:         Chairman:     Ed Gullickson

                        Supervisor:    George Stroebel

                        Supervisor:    Donald Mork

                        Treasurer:      Valerie Anderson

                        Clerk:              Sue Knutson


Meeting called to orderby Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 7:00 pm.

Public Comments:  None. 

Website Discussion:  Web host did some changes to make maneuvering easier.  Town will be able to do the updates shortly.

Gopher Bounty:  Alden, Osceola, Lincoln, Farmington, Black Brook, … (all the towns south of Highway 8)  would like to know what each is willing to pay for gopher bounty since County is not reimbursing for bounty.  Board is not going to pay out for gopher tails/stripe gopher tails until a decision is made as to what the Towns are willing to pay for tails.  Garfield Board is willing to pay $2 per pocket gopher tails and will confer will the other towns before a final decision is made.

Humane Officer:  Dan Hooverman is willing to go to the classes/training to become an animal humane officer (one who handles abused animals) if the towns are willing to go together in on the fees.  Gullickson will talk to the other towns.

Personal Property Tax—Rebecca Ellingsworth:  Ellingsworth/Ausen did not inform the Town that they sold and that the trailer was removed from property.  They are responsible for all the taxes due on the personal property.

Garfield Journal Update:  The first official Town journal/book can be copied at PaperWorx for a minimal price to make the initial records of the Town available for the public to view.

Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the copying of the Town journal with PaperWorx and not to exceed $150.  Carried-unanimously.

Water Testing Grant:  The Town received a $5,000 grant for voluntary testing of water wells.  Brain Hobbs with Polk County Health Department will be invited to a Board Meeting to go over the process.  Board would like to get a base for water testing, either by having one done and/or if the owner has a prior test done for comparison.  This would be done on a voluntary basis.  Tests will be done by the State.

Distressed Sale of Road Construction Equipment:  The equipment includes a back hoe, skid steer, and D3 Cat.  The Town paid out an average of $30,000 for equipment rental for the past two years and budgeted $30,000 for this year.

Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the Resolution 2-2012 for the purchase of the equipment as listed above.  Carried-unanimously.

Dog Tag Registration:  According to the County less than 40% of dogs are licensed.  The fees collected for dog licenses go towards paying the humane society and for damages caused by dogs.  The amount collected is not enough to pay either.  County sends out letters to owners that are delinquent on their dog tag licenses.

Park Project—Steps Leading to Spillway Shelter:  Scott Ward suggested using wood steps and hand rails that would blend in with the surroundings.  Ward will look into the specifications for them.

Town Hall Grand Opening & Projects that Remain:    Town has been in existence for 126 years.  Lawn needs to be done around the Town Hall, some signage for indoor and outdoor, handles on cabinets.  Board talked about having the grand opening sometime in August.  Board will make decision in March as to when to have grand opening.

Clerk’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed. 

Approval of Vouchers:  Submitted, signed and approved.  Motion made by Stroeble/Mork to approve submitted vouchers.  Carried-unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.

Approval of Board Minutes:  Motion made by Mork/Stroebel to approve the January 10, 2012, Board minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  

Adjourn:  Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to adjourn meeting, 8:43 pm.  Carried-unanimously.

Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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