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Garfield Town Board Meeting
May 11, 2011

Garfield Town Board Meeting

May 11, 2011

Present: Chairman: Ed Gullickson

Supervisor: George Stroebel

Supervisor: Donald Mork

Treasurer: Valerie Anderson

Clerk: Sue Knutson

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 7:03 pm.

Minutes of last meeting: Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve Board minutes as

submitted. Carried-unanimously.

Public Comments: None.

Road Construction-Set Priorities: Parking at the Wapogasset Lake Park—send letter to

Marilyn Buckingham with details of an additional parking lot to be built along County Road F

away from residences and discussed on or before June 14 and include Option #1 map.

Road priorities are as follows:

Kennedy Mill Avenue to 155th Street

140th to Sunrise Beach Road

138th North of F

Tree Clearing--Sunrise Beach Road, Lone Pine, and 130th Street north and south of C

180th Street between 70th Ave and 80th Ave

Town will commit to purchasing 3000 ton of road gravel from Kremer at $3.79/ton. Town will

also get gravel from Alden.

Town Hall Landscaping: Gullickson meet with Mark Knutson and Rick Troff regarding the

landscaping. The slope of the land will slope towards the road and the road will get ground

down so the water flows correctly.

Set Board of Review Date—June 9: Bowmar would like to set the date and time of June 9 3-

5 pm for the Open Book and 5-7 pm for the Board of Review. Andy & Joan Boe and Francis

Klatt (lives in St. Croix County) need to be notified of date and times.

Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to approve June 9 for the Open Book from 3-5pm and Board

of Review from 5-7pm. Carried-unanimously.

Review Revised Sub-Division Ordinance: Revisions have been forwarded to the Board

from the Planning Committee for approval. Suggested date for hearing is June 14.

Set Hearing Date for Sub-Division Ordinance: Dated for hearing will be on June 14 at 7pm

with the regular Board meeting to immediately follow.

Appoint or Reappoint Members to the Planning Committee: Motion made by

Stroebel/Mork to reappoint Orval Johnson and Natalie Trudeau to the Planning Committee

Board. Carried-unanimously.

Gullickson appointed Orval Johnson as Chairman of the Planning Committee.

Clerk’s Report: Submitted and reviewed.

Approval of Vouchers: Submitted, signed and approved. Motion made by Gullickson/Mork

to approve submitted vouchers. Carried-unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Submitted and reviewed.

Adjourn: Motion made by Gullickson/Mork to adjourn meeting, 8:32 pm. Carriedunanimously.

Submitted by: Sue Knutson, Clerk

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