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Garfield Town Board Meeting
Aug 09, 2011

Garfield Town Board Meeting

August 9, 2011

Present: Chairman: Ed Gullickson

Supervisor: George Stroebel

Supervisor: Donald Mork

Treasurer: Valerie Anderson

Clerk: Sue Knutson

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 7:02 pm.

Minutes of last meeting: Motion made by Mork/Stroebel to approve Board minutes as

submitted. Carried-unanimously.

Public Comments: Amery Economic Development Corporation, Paul Schaefer, gave a brief

description of the AEDC and its goals. Mr. Schaefer asked the Board to consider becoming

members of the AEDC. Gullickson asked if Amery was considering increasing their industrial

development and whether they asked the electric companies to join.

State Mandated Grievance Procedures – Discussion Only: Town needs to have a

grievance procedure in place by October.

St. Croix Valley EMS Service Agreement: Pat from Regions and John from St. Croix Valley

EMS presented information regarding the ambulance service for St. Croix Falls and for the

surrounding areas. St. Croix Valley EMS will be taking over the ground transport service from

Life Link III as of September 6, 2011. A proposed per capita rate will remain at $8 for 2011 and

increase to $10 for 2012.

Discussion of Municipal Wards: Gullickson gave information packet to Stroebel to look


Road Construction: Monarch will be here the week of the 29th of August to grind roads.

Grinding will be done on 140th Street, 180th Street, and Minneapolis Avenue.

Gullickson stated that Ulrichs wanted to put in a road with a culvert and blacktop. Mark

Knutson will check with Ulrichs to see what they want and Knutson will also check with Alden

for gravel and help.

100th Avenue needs work done. Marlin Baillargeon stated that the Town could fill in the

shoulder on the East side by the turn with the hill. Scott Ward will look into the process of the

shoulder work that needs to be done along with what permits, if any, are needed.

138th shoulders will be seeded this year.

The new mower is working well. East side of Highway 65 has two passes done. Gullickson

stated that the brush needs to be kept under control.

Zoning Appeals Board-Discussion on Possible Members: Board thinks that Dave Nelson

would make a good candidate.

Animal Control Officer Contract: Osceola, Alden, Farmington, and Garfield will have one

contract for Hooverman the Animal Control Officer. Each Town will have their own contract

signed but they will all be the same.

Closure of Park August 12 at 12:00pm to August 13: Notification needs to be posted at the

park in multiple areas that the park will be closed for Dynatronix and the Lake Association

100th Anniversary. Mark Knutson, Ed Gullickson and Dave Nelson will meet to go over what

needs to done and taken care of before Friday. Bug Busters came in and sprayed for the

bees, spiders, and mosquitoes.

Clerk’s Report: Submitted and reviewed.

Approval of Vouchers: Submitted, signed and approved. Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to

approve submitted vouchers. Carried-unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Submitted and reviewed.

Approval of August 9, 2011, Board Minutes: Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to approve the

minutes from this Board Meeting as noted/submitted. Carried-unanimously.

Adjourn: Motion made by Stroebel/Mork to adjourn meeting, 8:30 pm. Carried-unanimously.

Submitted by: Sue Knutson, Clerk

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