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Garfield Town – Caucus Meeting
Jan 24, 2009

Garfield Town – Caucus Meeting

January 24, 2009

Present: Chairman: Ed Gullickson

Acting Clerk: Sue Knutson

26 total at meeting

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 10:02 am.

Gullickson turned the floor over to Orval Johnson. Meeting was then conducted by Johnson.

Nominees for:

Supervisors: George Strobel nominated by Mrs. Strobel and seconded by Marilyn


Don Mork nominated by Ed Gullickson and seconded by Ron Elmer.

Motion made by Ed Gullickson/Ed Morsefelder to close the nomination.


Clerk: Sue Knutson nominated by Mark Knutson and seconded by Ed Gullickson.

Motion made by Mark Knutson/Dave Nelson to close the nomination.


Treasurer: Valerie Anderson nominated by Sue Knutson and seconded by Mark Knutson.

Bill Knutsen* nominated Marilyn Buckingham and seconded by Rose Grandt.

Motion made by Kevin Christenson/Dave Nelson to close the nomination.


Chairman: Ed Gullickson nominated by Mark Knutson and seconded by Ed Morsefelder.

Motion made by Marilyn Buckingham/Kevin Christenson to close the nomination.


Nominations for board closed.

Comments/Announcements: There are 2-3 openings on the Comprehensive Planning

Board. Any person interested please let Planning Board know. Next meeting is February 12,

7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

Turnout for the caucus: 26

Board is working on several new ordinances: zoning, subdivision, road, and dog.

Rose Grandt thanked Marilyn Buckingham for the time she spent on the Town Board.

Adjourn: Motion made by Marilyn Buckingham/Joyce Gullickson to adjourn meeting,

10:20 am. Carried-unanimously.

Submitted by: Sue Knutson, Acting Clerk

* Knutsen declined the nomination for Treasurer within three days after the meeting.

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