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Budget Meeting/Levy Meeting/Regular Board Meeting
Nov 09, 2022

Garfield Town Board Meeting & Budget/Levy Meeting

November 9, 2022


Present:         Chairman:     Ed Gullickson          

                        Supervisor:    George Stroebel

                        Supervisor:    Don Mork

                        Clerk:              Sue Knutson

                        Treasurer:      JoAnn Erickson


Residents/Citizens: 6


Budget Meetingcalled to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 6:05 pm.


Gullickson explained the draft budget for 2023. 


Levy Meeting called to order by Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 6:24 pm.


Gullickson explained and reviewed the new levy amount of $586,773 with the budget of $823,109.


Motion made by Dave Nelson/Vi Nelson to approve the budget of $823,109 and levy amount of $586,773.  Carried-unanimously.


Adjourn:  Motion made by Dave Nelson/Joyce Gullickson to adjourn Levy meeting at 6:28 pm.  Carried-unanimously.


Regular Board Meeting called to orderby Chairman, Ed Gullickson, at 6:29 pm.


Public Comments:  None.


Board Approval of 2023 Levy and Budget:  Motion made and seconded to approve the Levy of $586,773.  Carried-unanimously.


Resolution for Blacktop Loan:  Gullickson explained what the bank suggested.  Motion made and seconded to approve a 5 year loan for $500,000 for the blacktop and paying off the other loans that the Town has.  Carried-unanimously.


Review of Certified Survey Map for Brandon Olson:  Motion made and seconded to approve the lot division for Brandon Olson on South Bear Lake Road.  Carried-unanimously.


Sunrise Beach Boat Landing Grant:  The Town received the grant for approximately $131,000 from the DNR to reconstruct the landing.


TRIP Grant Application:  Application will be put together and submitted.


Planning Committee Update – Approval of Joel Hazzard Setback:  FB Contractors submitted documents to the Board for approval for a reduced setback from 10 feet to 5 feet in conformity with County’s shore land setbacks.  Motion made and seconded for the approval of a 5 foot setback for the Hazzard shed.  Carried-unanimously. 


Dave Nelson submitted the Parking Restriction Ordinance 2-2008 with minor changes.  Motion made and seconded to approve the submitted changes. 


Nelson submitted the changes to the Junk Ordinance.  Gullickson stated he would like to table this till next month. 


Mobile Home Issue at 112th Avenue:  Hope Flake came to the meeting and explained that she does not have the funds to get the trailer in compliance with the Town ordinance.  Board stated that she needs to comply with the ordinance.


Other Business That May Come Before the Board:  None.


Clerk’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed. 


Approval of Vouchers:  Submitted, signed and approved.  Motion made and seconded to approve submitted vouchers.  Carried-unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted and reviewed.


Approval of Monthly Board Minutes:  Motion made and seconded to approve the November 9, 2022, Board minutes as submitted.  Carried-unanimously.  


Adjourn:  Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting, 7:17 pm.  Carried-unanimously.


Submitted by:  Sue Knutson, Clerk

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