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Planning Commission Meeting
Jan 15, 2024

Town of Garfield Plan Commission January 15, 2024 Meeting Minutes
Present: Dave Nelson, Bill Hoffman, Keith Sather, Darrell Emerson, George Stroebel, Mark Kopp
Absent: Corey Ulrich,
Chairman Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Nelson and Stroebel are members of the Town Board, no decisions will be made for the Town Board.
Sandi Stevermer appeared to clarify a division of property at 143rd St for purposes of building a residence. She will need a minimum of two acres for the new residence. She is obtining a survey of the property.
Tyler McCarty appeared to review his home based Legacy River coffee roasting business at 691 140th St.. He is in the ag-residential zone and imports green coffee beans as a specialty agricultural crop to roast and package the beans for sale. There is no retail service of coffee on the property. There was some excavating for demolition and removal of old buildings and material, which was propery done under Town zoning provisions. His operation has been reviewed and approved by DNR and FDA. No additional permit is required from the Town.
No other business came before the Commission.
Minutes were reviewed and approved by the Commission, and the meeting was adjourned.

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