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Planning Commission Minutes
Jun 19, 2023

Town of Garfield Plan Commission
June 19, 2023 Meeting Minutes
Present: Dave Nelson, Mark Kopp, Darrell Emerson, George Stroebel Absent: Keith Sather, Corey Ulrich, Bill Hoffman
Chairman Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
Patrick Forsythe appeared to request a boundary variance for the construction of a building on his property. Letters will be sent to neighbors for a public hearing on the matter.
Gale and Danny Osborne appeared to review the use of their property, including the temporary occupation by ono-permanent residents in an accessory trailer, as well as excessive barking by dogs. The non-permanent resident has vacated the property and the Osbornes will prepare an application for a Conditional Use Permit for 2024 and will address the problem of barking. The barking must be remedied immediately. The Commission will review the application when submitted and consider appropriate conditions.
The Commission reviewed the Citation Ordinance and recommended an update to the Schedule of Deposits.
Minutes were reviewed and approved by the Commission.

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